Hello! Welcome to my website. I have included my blog, book reviews, as well as recipes from our family. My blog page is a place where I share my faith in God and my walk through life with him, and other musings. One of my pages is where I share family recipes along with some of the stories behind them and a bit of my family heritage, also. I hope you find things you enjoy on my site, and that you will leave a comment here and there.

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Encounters of Blessing

Some of you may recognize some of this as from an old post. This just seemed to fit with Easter coming up and with the times being what they are with a worldwide pandemic. Things may not seem as certain as theIt has been a while since I last posted. I didn’t realize so much time had passed. My leave of absence from posting wasn’t planned, but a much-needed time for sorting through some things in my life. These past couple of years have been rough for a lot of people. I needed to understand what direction God had planned next for my life. Much prayer and heartfelt pondering went into this search for a clear sense of where my next step is to be.y might when we don’t have that added. I’ve been praying and reflecting inward a lot and really seeking God in all this. We’ve never had a worldwide virus that traveled so quickly and affected so many people at once whether directly or indirectly. I’ve had my attention more intently on His face, and in His Word. [Read more…]