Well hello there! Welcome to my website. I have included my blog, book reviews, as well as recipes from our family. My blog page is a place where I share my faith in God and my walk through life with him, and other musings. When I decided to share family recipes, I knew I wanted to share some of the stories behind them and a bit of my family heritage, also. I hope you find things you enjoy on my site, and I hope you will leave a comment here and there.


Latest Blog Post: Promises

Don’t you just hate it when a promise made to you has been broken, or you realize you have broken a promise made to someone? I do. I notice the times I realize I have done the breaking of a promise more than when others have. I get so aggravated at myself, and it bothers me that I have hurt someone or disappointed someone by my broken word.

There is a very healthy Possum Grape vine on the fence beside Daddy’s garden. I look at it in the spring to see how many little clusters are on the vine.

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