Well hello there! Welcome to my website. I have included my blog, book reviews, as well as recipes from our family. My blog page is a place where I share my faith in God and my walk through life with him, and other musings. When I decided to share family recipes, I knew I wanted to share some of the stories behind them and a bit of my family heritage, also. I hope you find things you enjoy on my site, and I hope you will leave a comment here and there.


Latest Blog Post: I Heard a Song Today

In high school, my tenth grade teacher asked us one day, “When you listen to music is it the words or the melody that attracts you and keeps you listening to that song over and over?” At that time I answered that it was the words, because I listened for the message in the words. If asked that question now, I would have to say that it is both. It’s like the cover of a good book, magazine, or a movie poster. I’m attracted to that first, but I also want to know why that cover; what in the book, magazine, or movie warrants that cover. [Read more…]