Hello! Welcome to my website. I have included my blog, book reviews, as well as recipes from our family. My blog page is a place where I share my faith in God and my walk through life with him, and other musings. When I decided to share family recipes, I knew I wanted to share some of the stories behind them and a bit of my family heritage, also. I hope you find things you enjoy on my site, and that you will leave a comment here and there.


Looking Back to Move Forward

I have to be honest. I haven’t really been balanced or centered as far as my writing ever since Mama went Home over two years ago. I have been wandering in a sense, easily losing my focus. This has affected my writing this blog, my author page, and my book, “The Sailor’s Legacy.” Mama was my most vocal cheer person. She asked me lots of questions about the book as I was writing. The questions varied and covered plot, plans, the potential of this story and of the characters as individuals. She challenged me without knowing it. My family and friends are still cheering me on. I know I have [Read more…]