Poetic Musings and Such

On this page, I would like to share some of my poetry and such; some traditional, and some contemporary. Some have been published by Sparrowgrass through contests. I won placements in a university contest with a couple of poems, and the rest is just because I wanted to share.

(All material on these pages is legally copyrighted, whether listed in this manner or not and may not be copied or shared without express permission from myself, Cindy Chandler Pye.)

My Child

If I could see inside your mind I’d know your secret thoughts;

I’d understand so many things you feel inside your heart.

I’d know just how to help you when you can’t tell me how;

When your heartfelt trials and troubles you can’t seem to let out.

But if I could see inside your mind your secret thoughts would be unsealed;

You’d have no thoughts to call your own and the wonder of you would be revealed.

So I’ll try to help you as best I can while allowing you to be yourself,

As I’d not want to spoil your private dreams and violate your inner rich wealth.

Copyright 1994

The Gift

What is this God’s given me – has placed within my arms?

What joy He’s bestowed on me in such a precious bundle;

What pure love He has blessed me with in your beautiful blue eyes.

What happiness wells up inside when I see your sweet, sweet smile;

What comfort God has given me within your warm soft hugs.

What peace God’s placed within my heart as I watch you in your slumber.

What hope burns warm within my soul when I hear your hopes and dreams.

What great faith God has taught me while listening to your prayers.

What lessons of life I’ve learned as I’ve watched you grow each day;

What wisdom God has taught me through this beloved child.

For my son

Copyright 1991

Published by Sparrograss

Poetry Forum, Inc.

Thoughts of Rachel

Thoughts of you float through my mind,

Like soft and fluffy dandelions;’

The dreams I had of you, dear one

Still warm my heat like the morning sun.

I’ll always wonder who you would be

If you had lived with your Daddy and me.

A mother’s love never goes away

Even for one who lives far away.

I love, and miss you, and always will

As I go through life on earth until;

One day when we meet on heavenly ground,

And our loved ones there will gather around

 We will greet each other in Jesus’ presence.

We’ll live forever in our home in Heaven.

Then all the pain and all the sorrow

We’ve carried in our heart of hearts

Will be completely wiped away

And we’ll be together for eternity.

The time that we have been apart

Since the day you were born and did depart

Will seem like just a very short time

And the joy we’ll share will be sublime.

For our daughter in Heaven

Copyright 1994

Sweet Baby’s Breath

Sweet baby of mine asleep on my shoulder,

I hold you close as you drift in slumber.

   I dream of days and years to come –

The treasures God holds for you, little one.

    Your warm baby’s breath is so tender sweet,

With a slow sleepy rhythm as you dream away, dream.

    I cradle your hand in my own and pray

God’s blessings on you, and I thank Him each day;

   For the lessons of life we’ll learn from each other;

T”will be my blessing to treasure forever.

For my daughter

by Cynthia A. Pye

Copyright 1996

Published by Sparrowgrass

Poetry Forum, Inc.

Little Hands

Little hands, little hands, what will you do?

What great occupation will God ask of you?

Will you be a doctor, caring for those in pain?

Or will you be a pilot; will you fly an airplane?

How about a potter who molds things of clay;

Or become a great leader? maybe – you just may!

Well, whatever you do and wherever you go,

Please always remember our God loves you so.

Copyright 1990

Little Feet

Little feet, little feet, where will you trod

In this great wide world made by our God?

What adventures lay ahead for your wondering eyes?

What discoveries will you make under God’s blue skies?

What questions will you ask – what answers receive?

What amazing revelations will your little mind perceive?

I can only say this as these things I ponder,

I pray our Jesus watch o’er as you wander.

Copyright 1990