cropped-writer-profile-photo-cindy.jpgCindy Chandler Pye was born and raised in the piney hills of Louisiana. After high school, she studied Creative Writing through the Institute of Children’s Literature, and Louisiana Tech University.

After she and her husband married and raised their children to adulthood, she picked up her dream from her teenage years and is pursuing a writing career in the genres of Adult Inspirational Fiction and Non-Fiction, as well as Children’s Fiction.

A highlight for Cindy in high school was earning first place in ninth grade, and third place in tenth grade in the annual poetry contest through Louisiana Tech University English Department. As an adult, for two consecutive years, she received an honorable mention for poetry through Sparrowgrass Poetry Contest, and her dream of becoming a published poet came true. She continues writing poetry as she pursues her love of writing fiction.

Cindy is now working on an upcoming debut novel loosely based on a family legend discovered while researching genealogy. This story will have at least two sequels in order to tell the whole story.

She and her husband live in a house in the hills with her opinionated cat by the name of Slinky and a demanding cat named River. When not writing, she loves reading in the Inspirational Historic Fiction genre. Some of the other things she enjoys are container gardening, landscape design, walking in the woods near home, genealogy research, sewing, crocheting, and learning about foraging for use in home remedies.