What is this God has given me –

Has placed within my arms?

What joy He’s bestowed on me

In such a precious bundle;

What pure love He has blessed me with

In your beautiful blue eyes.

What happiness wills up inside

When I see your sweet, sweet smile;

What comfort God has given me

Within your warm soft hugs.

What peace God’s placed within my heart

As I watch you in your slumber.

What hope burns warm within my soul

When I hear your hopes and dreams.

What great faith God has taught me

While listening to your prayers.

What lessons of life I’ve learned

As I’ve watched you grow each day;

What wisdom God has taught me

Through this beloved child.

For Jonathan

by Cynthia A. Pye

Copyright 1991

by Sparrowgrass

Poetry Forum


2 thoughts on “THE GIFT

  1. What a sweet tribute to Jonathan. My sentiments exactly. He IS special in so many ways. . . .and you are a good mother.


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