New Lease On Life!!!

I found this in my drafts. Apparently I forgot to publish this when I wrote it. Rereading it, I got excited and inspired all over again. Enough to seriously appreciate, and take the best care I can of my health. Even though I wrote it last Fall in October, I’m publishing it anyway. It is still relevant. I hope you enjoy it. The end of last week was been like a blur. I just recently had several heart tests done. I had been having some “twinges” in my chest around where my heart is, so my doctor referred me to a cardiologist. First, I took the dreaded tread mill stress test. I did pretty well on that, but when the results came in, the doctor said the specialist saw a “shadow,” and wanted to do a PET (nuclear) test. He said that he would trust the results 98% to 99%. I was a little unnerved about going through that, but did anyway. It showed the same thing, and that the circulation in my heart was not what is should be. The next thing to do was what I had always prayed I never had to endure; the heart catheterization. I can’t possibly tell you just how nervous I was about it. My family, including my parents, were there, and my pastor. I was so glad they were there, but had to work so hard to keep my composure. It was tough. Just after the test was finished, the doctor immediately told me it was good news; the shadow is nowhere to be seen, my arteries are clean, and my heart is healthy! He told my family and pastor that the first two tests were “misreads,” and that there was nothing there. We all knew what had really happened. God answered a lot of prayers on my behalf that morning. He took care of whatever was the “shadow,” and cleared it out. I can’t describe how I feel now. I have had a lot of time to sit, lie down, and contemplate all this. It’s like I have a new lease on life! Everything is brand new to me. I want to use the time I have on this earth to continue taking care of this temple, and using this temple to do whatever God would have me do. So many people were praying for me the past few weeks as I underwent those tests. I can’t possibly say how very much I appreciate it. Even when I was scared out of my wits, I would remember all the people praying for me. I would also remember that God had a plan all the way through it, and that He would walk me through the whole thing. I knew whatever the outcome, God was in control. In His control, and His care is where I felt safe. I am so blessed to know that. This week will be different, just as each is. It’s a blessed week just because He made it. Have a great week, and be blessed, my friends.


2 thoughts on “     New Lease On Life!!!

  1. Cindy, I’m just now checking my e-mail. Yes, that was a powerful message. God is always there for His own. It really made a difference in my life. I love Him more and trust Him more. Love you, Mama


  2. Thank you. It was such an awesome thing to not only witness that miracle, but to be in the middle of it. That whole incident made a huge difference in my life, too. God never ceases to amaze me. He is definitely there for His own. And I appreciate so much that I still have you, Daddy, Roy, Jonathan, Elizabeth, and the rest of our family and friends to count on the be there, too. I could feel the prayers people sent up, and it meant the world to me that my family and pastor were out in the lobby praying for me. I love you all more than I can ever say.


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