(Spring) Winter Cleaning

Something “strange” happens to me at this time of the year. I don’t know if it’s because I have organized and put away the Christmas decorations, and redecorated the front door and the mantle at least. I get this urge to do Spring cleaning, and it’s still January. This happened last year, and I decided to take advantage of it instead of wait until spring actually gets here, which is when I usually do my big cleaning.

So this year, when it happened again, I jumped on it again. I don’t like to waste these “inspirations;” especially when they help me be productive in something that is not my favorite area of homemaking. I’ll finish organizing and putting away seasonal decorations this week, making sure the fall decorations are on top since that is the next big time of year when I decorate in a big way. Putting them on top just makes it easier on me when that time comes around again. I have learned that by experience. (Having fibromyalgia has taught me to think that way, because I never know when I may have one or several painful days in a row. I’ll write more about that in the next post.)

The next thing I do is take a room at a time starting from the ceiling and work down; literally. I brush down any cobwebs from ceilings, wash curtains, and wipe out window casings. I generally de-clutter shelves, dressers, counters, or anywhere else out in the open where we have collected clutter. I put shreddables near the shredder; I’ll sit and shred later. As I do this in each room I have a large trash bag handy so I can put trash where it belongs and not have to deal with it anymore, and another trash bag for things to take to a local thrift ministry. As I fill a bag of trash, it is taken out and put into the back of our truck with the next load. Cleaning mirrors, dusting picture frames, furniture, and book shelves is next. By now, the main two things left are cleaning furniture and appliance fronts, and doing the floors.

This will take me anywhere from two weeks to a month. I have to take breaks to rest my hip, back, shoulders, and just rest. Having scoliosis since I was about ten years old, fibromyalgia, and now osteoarthritis in my neck forces me to take frequent breaks. I’m an outdoors country girl at heart, but when I’m bogged down in serious cleaning I have to remind myself to go outside some. I have learned I make much more progress when I make lists and prioritize, and take at least one or two outside breaks a day.

When all this is done along with everyday housekeeping, errands, appointments, and just things that come up, I keep it in mind that up to a month is normal for me. Back in the olden days, Granny Clampet might have done all her spring cleaning in one day, but she had Jed, Jethro, and Ellie Mae to order around all day. Since my family members have their own jobs and such, I do what I can when I can, and it is OK. I remind myself that when I get done, I can be outside a lot more when spring is here, loving that beautiful outdoors that God made. I already have some ideas for flowers I want to plant and other simple projects. Now back to checking things off my list.

Be blessed, my friends


5 thoughts on “(Spring) Winter Cleaning

  1. Wish I had a Jed, Jethro, or Ellie Mae to help with my spring cleaning! I have to take my cleaning moments when they strike since I work full time and have so many other things going on in my life. Cindy, you are so organized–I can certainly take some notes from your cleaning routine. Thanks for sharing. God bless.


  2. Oh, I wish I did, too, Carole! Granny knew how to delegate, didn’t she? I would say that my plans are organized; a lot of the time. It gives me a goal to work toward, but I don’t always reach it. How much I can do depends on how I feel, my fatigue level, and whatever else is going on that needs my attention. I learned through the years that for me to not feel depressed and like I’ve failed, I have to allow myself time to rest, take a day off, or to just do something I want to do. (I could spend the day at the library!) And then there is my writing, which Judy Christie has helped me with in managing my time. You have been an inspiration to me, Carole, in my writing. You’ve helped me see that it is important on a level I hadn’t seen before. Thank you for that. 🙂 and God bless you, too, my friend.


    1. Cindy, you are too kind. I’m glad I could be of some use to someone. Hey, if you want to come spend the day at the library you are welcome to come back to my department, use the work table, one of the comfy chairs, or just get on the computer. Take care and happy cleaning!


    1. (Giggles) It’s my “plans” that are good, Vicki. I have to set these goals, or I won’t get much done at all. This just helps me get more done than I would without something to reach for. This works for me. Sometimes I have to adjust the goals to more realistic for me. It’s easy for me to have high hopes, but sometimes my hopes can be unrealistically high. Hopefully this time it’s all good. Thank you for visiting!


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