Appreciative That God Doesn’t Neglect Me

One day, I was cleaning up in the kitchen moving things around scrubbing the counter really good. I discovered that my Snake Plant had gotten pushed behind some other things, and so I had forgotten about it. It should have withered and died by now, but I saw that it was sending up new shoots through the middle. I knew they were tough plants, but I wouldn’t have thought the Snake Plant would survive with so little care.

I thought about God, and the relationship I have with Him. God never neglects me. I neglect Him sometimes and coast along, busy with life. I don’t thrive spiritually in that manner, but I do survive. Sometimes He gets my attention in some way, and He quickens my spirit to grow new shoots in my spirit (my middle). He renews Life in me when He waters me again when I’ve come back after neglecting Him.

I neglected my flower beds, and the dew berry vines and weeds were trying their best to take over. I was able to dig them up; but it took me half the day. It was such hard work, that I was exhausted when I was finished. Dumping a wheel barrow load of leaves on the cleared bed, I was able to cover half the bed. Covering the soil with something will discourage weeds and briars from taking over again. When I come back to God and repent of neglecting my relationship with Him, He covers me with Jesus’ blood that covers all my sin.

It takes so much work to get beds and gardens cleared, much the same way that I have to spend quality time in prayer, repentance, and in God’s Word to get my relationship where it needs to be with Him again. Thankfully, the Master Gardener knows just what weeds to remove, and just what needs to be planted there in place of those weeds to keep them at bay.  Where there was fear, He plants faith. Where there was rebellion and pride, He plants obedience and humility. Where there was laziness, He plants willingness to do what He asks of me.

A great book that applies here is, Hinds Feet on High Places, an allegory written by Hannah Hurnard. I’ve read it a couple of times, and both times I was able to get some things out of my heart and replaced with what God knew should be planted there instead.

For me, working in the family garden at my parents’ home, or flower beds and containers here, I feel a special closeness to my Heavenly Father, the Master Gardener. We have a lot of meaningful conversations in these settings. Somehow I find it easier to listen to God speak to my heart when I am gardening, or at least walking or sitting outside enjoying the Master’s Garden while He gardens my spirit and soul with love, forgiveness, wisdom, and grace.

Be blessed, my friends.



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