I went outside and accomplished quite a bit for the time I had. As I went about my “therapy,” as I call it, the goals grew with new plans for another day. Now my Periwinkle is all planted, two of the three Elephant Ear bulbs are planted, all the containers I have planted are where I want them, and all of them are watered in.  I’ll need several more flower pots to finish planting two six-packs of begonias and some other prizes. I’ll get those tomorrow.

My mind tends to ramble when I’m “in therapy” working in our yard, or doing anything to my plants. I thought about earlier in the day when I got an important phone call, and remembered again how awesome God is, and what a perfect time manager He is. The phone call was from my gastroenterologist. On Monday of this week, this doctor performed my first upper scope so that he could look at my esophagus and stomach, doing a biopsy of each. He also did an endoscope on my lower intestine, taking a polyp out that he found. I’ve never had a polyp, and wasn’t pleased to hear that I had one since they can be dangerous if left alone. He also had that tested, and it was clear of any harmful cells.

When I thought about it, that polyp could have been missed had I gone last summer and had the test when I was supposed to in five years from the last one. I kept putting it off and was almost a year late. If I had gone last year, there may have not been a polyp there yet, and there would have been five more years before I had another test. In that time, it may have been much more developed. I’m not advocating putting tests off. I’m just saying that in God’s grace, He made everything work out just right. Now I get to have another test done in three years instead of five. I can’t say how humbled and thankful I am that it was caught in time before the polyp was something to worry about.

I enjoy the times I have “in therapy” with my Lord and Savior; my God. I’m so glad He gets my attention, and reveals blessings that I might not recognize when distracted with cares and responsibilities to crowd out His voice in my spirit. [Thank you, Lord Jesus for loving me so much.] I hope you know that He loves us all so much more than we can ever comprehend; that includes you. If you don’t know Him, I pray that you ask Him to open your eyes to Him and Who He is. I would want you to know Him as your Lord and Savior. I would want to meet you on the other side of this life if I never meet you in this one.

Have a blessed evening, and a blessed rest of the week my friends,

In Jesus’ name.



2 thoughts on “GOD’S NATURAL THERAPY

  1. So happy your tests turned out negative for any illness! What a blessing! And I do agree, God is always on time, even if the world says he’s late.


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