Of Family and Patriots

Our family reunion is usually celebrated the first weekend in July, coinciding with Independence Day. I thought about not writing a post about “the 4th of July,”  but I decided that America’s independence is just too important not to, and being that our family celebrates one another as well as our country at this time, the both just go together to me. All of our families have been raised learning to love our country, and being proud of America. At our reunion this year several of our men were there who have served in different military branches, and for different lengths of time including retired career military.

One of my cousins there asked God’s blessing on the food, those of us there and those of us who were not there. He also prayed for all the military members, for their safety, and their safe return home. Most importantly he asked that God help us all to be more like Him each day. So, with patriotic music playing in the background, we enjoyed a variety of homemade, as well as prepared foods. It really didn’t matter if the dish were homemade or commercially made, they were all great. I thought it fitting that most of the food was either southern “comfort” food, or fresh garden produce. When Mamaw and Papaw Chandler were living there was always more than plenty of garden produce on the table, and family favorite homemade dishes. Favorite desserts were Mamaw’s Banana Pudding, Dewberry Pie, Coconut Cake, and/or Fried Fruit Pies that she called Puppy Ears. We could only eat these after we had Fried Chicken, Butterbeans, Purple Hull Peas, Creamed Corn, Rice drizzled in butter, Cornbread, and some Sweet Tea with Lemon to wash it all down. Just as back then, I think that as much as we enjoyed the great food, we soaked up and basked in as much fellowship with our family as we could.

Being fiercely proud of my country, I look forward to holidays like the 4th, Memorial Day, Flag Day, and any other patriotic holiday. Although there were several former service men at the reunion, including my Daddy, we were all very aware of the fact that we have several family members who are currently serving in the various armed service branches. We all appreciate the sacrifice of those who have served, are serving, and will serve in the future. God, family, and country are very dear to our hearts. I thank God for loving me first, for putting me in the family He did, and for the great country America that God put me in. I’m so humbled to really think of how blessed I am as much I can comprehend. I know that what I can comprehend is such a small amount of just how richly I am blessed. May we all go through our days being mindful of just how good we still have it in America, and how much rich undeserving grace God has extended to us all.

Have a very blessed week, friends.


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