Muscadine or Scuppernong Pastry

A truly old fashioned treat.
A truly old fashioned treat.


1 pie crust (bought or homemade, and can be rectangle or round crust, though rectangle will be easier to fold and seal)

1 cup muscadine cooked hulls along with pulp

1/3 c sugar

Lots of “dots” of softened real butter (this makes the difference)


Roll out crust dough on cookie sheet or pizza pan that you have sprayed liberally with cooking spray.

Spread muscadine hulls on 2/3 of crust to about ½ inch from the edge of crust. If you come too close to the edge with the filling it may not seal well. Follow that with the sugar, and dots of soft butter (The more butter the better the taste). The unfilled third of the crust will be the first layer to fold over.

Catch the empty side of the crust and fold over the middle third section. Then catch this and fold over the third section. Slightly dampen fingers in water and moisten the open edges and press together to make a good seal. Then sprinkle sugar over the top of the pastry.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Pastry crust should be browned and dry.

Enjoy this old country delicacy!

I think this is one of those recipes that came from country people trying not to waste a thing. They found a use for every part of this delicious fruit except the bitter seeds. This is a recipe that has been in our family a long time. I remember Mama making this when I was young, and she said that she remembered her Mama making it for them. Muscadine Pastry was something we enjoyed only in the early fall back then, which is when muscadines are ready to pick. The house smelled so good when this was in the oven. It’s a joy to me to be able to make this for my family, and to share these recipes with all of you.


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