Winterizing, Planning Ahead, and Family History

We just had our first significant “cold front.” By significant to our area of the Deep South, our temps dropped from almost 90 down to the high 40’s at night and around 75 in the day. As I was walking late in the day yesterday I noticed my legs actually felt cool before I came in the house. I began to think of ways I need to “winterize” my container plants and some of my flower beds. Then I remembered it’s only mid-October. We still have a few weeks before that even might be necessary.

I think about the Little House on the Prairie books, and how much work was involved in “winterizing” their homes. All the places they lived were very cold in the fall and winter. I have always lived in the south, so I have never experience that. It’s an unusual thing to have any amount of snow where I live. My family makes the most out of it when we do have snow, but we’re ready for it to be gone after a couple of days.

There is a cousin of mine who has a small “grove” of pomegranate trees. These came up from seeds they discarded as they ate them in the evenings. They offered me some of the shoots if I want to come and get them. My answer was a definite, “Yes! Thank you very much!” I’ve got to decide where to plant them, and get them so I can plant them before too late in the year. My Papaw Chandler had one when we grandkids were growing up. We loved eating them, but had no idea that we were eating such a rich health food.

My brother told me that he has been saving two scuppernong small vines for me in his back yard. I have a plan for where I want to put those, too. It will take several years before they bear, but the ones at Mama’s and Daddy’s still make plenty for our family.

Papaw Holley had a fig tree that still produces at the old home place. Daddy got a shoot off of it years ago, and it produces very well, too. We will hopefully have shoots off these two trees to plant here, also. I love figs, and my family loves the fig preserves and fig syrup I make. Fig Cake is absolutely awesome with coffee or hot tea.

We plan to cultivate several of the native fruit plants around here. I would say we are well on our way. Just the planning stage is fun to me. Our whole family is into this, so I’m sure I can get plenty of help with the hard or heavy work. Planting these bushes and vines is a part of “winterizing” to me, since it should best be done before winter. It brings us a good sense of satisfaction planning for the future, and knowing if everything works the way we want it to, we will have nutritious food for the family, along with plenty of opportunity to share the family stories behind these foods. That is a double blessing for sure.

Have a very blessed week, friends!


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