Balm for Hurtful Times

There are times when I wish I could just curl up in a ball and stay there; just totally disengage with reality at that time until there is a different, easier reality in my life. I’d like to just stay put and not think about much of anything. I catch myself saying over and over, “Oh, Lord Jesus, help me through this,” or ask Him to help whoever of my loved ones are in pain at the time. I know I can’t be in control of everything that affects my life, or those I love. I have to again reach the place where I acknowledge that fact, and that it is not only OK, but remember that God is in full control. Eventually when I feel totally helpless, I come back to the realization that God is enough; He is fully able, and I can call on Him.

Other times I feel like I’m smothering in the waves of being overwhelmed by a repeated situation that I have no control over. I flounder and sink some. Then I remember that my Jesus, my Savior walked on water, and all I have to do is reach up to catch His hand so He can lift me out. Matthew 14:22-33 When I catch myself mentally crying out over and over, “Oh, Dear Lord…..” I reach a point where I say, “I don’t know what to pray. I don’t know, but You do.” I am reassured that God’s Holy Spirit makes intercession for me, because He says so in the Bible, and I know it in my spirit. Romans 8:26, 27

The relief I feel at knowing these things is indescribable. I know that I can count on Him to always be there. All I have to do is ask. There are times when I don’t think to ask, but He helps me anyway. That’s when I wonder who is praying for me; I know someone did. God bless them richly, please.

When I feel paralyzed by my concerns, worries, and fears, I eventually remember the paralytic Jesus healed. Jesus told the man, “Your sins have been forgiven. Pick up your mat and go.” I also remember that for me, a true Christian in God’s terms, keeping my concerns, worries, and fears and nurturing them is sin for me. Jesus said we are to cast those on Him and allow Him to handle them for us. 1 Peter 5:7 Jesus also said that we are to control our thoughts and not allow them to take control of us. 2 Corinthians 10:5

Jesus is the Balm of Gilead for me, and anyone else who chooses to “apply” Him to their hurts and wounds of any kind. There are several Bible verses mentioning the Balm of Gilead. Literally, there is a real balm from Gilead made from oil soaked buds of a Balsam tree. It has healing properties, and is soothing for inflammation and fevers. Jesus is the “Balm of Gilead” for those who know Him personally as Lord and Savior. He is available to heal ailments in any area of life, and sooth hurts of any kind. He is our ultimate Healer of our spirits and souls so that we can one day live with Him after this life. Once we have admitted we are sinners, believe Jesus is the one and one begotten Son of God, and confess Him to other people, He saves us for all eternity to live in this life and the next as His child and reside with Him one day in Heaven.

The joy God has placed in my heart is my strength. When that joy is smothered by my worries, I can call on Him, and he restores His joy in me. That makes me stronger. It makes hard times bearable for me. If Jesus did not live in my spirit and soul, I would have no hope. He is my Hope. Thankfully, because He does live in me, I can live through hard, dark, and unsure circumstances knowing He is there with me and in full control. I take my peace and my rest in Jesus. I hope if you are having a rough time that some of this will help you through whatever you are going through. If you call on Jesus, He will answer, and He will take care of you. It may not in the way you want, but it will be for your best. Matthew 7:7-11

Have a very blessed week.



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