What is a Dream?

Where Will Your Dreams Lead?
Where Will Your Dreams Lead?

What is a dream to you? It’s probably many different things. I know it is to me. I could say that a dream of mine is to have my first novel published in 2016. Another dream could be having a nice fire pit out the back door with cozy padded chairs around it for visiting. A dream of mine might be to have spring bulbs and fall bulbs; daffodils, double daffodils, jonquils, lily of the valley, dutch iris, and spider lilies growing in the edge of the woods that surround our home. All of those would be true. Your dreams are different from mine, but no less important to you.

God placed in our hearts the capacity to dream. I believe He even placed some of those specific dreams there for a purpose. It could be to benefit someone else or simply for your own enjoyment and growth. God wants us to be happy and have joy in our lives. Dreams play a part in this. Some dreams are achieved with our involvement, and some will only be brought about with God making it happen in His own power and time. Either way we will have to exercise our faith in God and his faithfulness.

What are some of your dreams? Do you have something you want to achieve or overcome? Do any of them involve a talent or gift God gave you or designed you with? God designed each of us with a purpose and a plan for our lives. If God put the dream there and you know it came from him, you can achieve it. He gave you what you need to achieve it when he put the design in your makeup. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to trust Him to guide you along the way and teach you and give you the strength and wisdom to see it through. He will do that for you to help you have that dream if he put it there. Ask him if it’s from Him, and then just trust Him and follow his leading.

I pray that you find whatever dream God put in your heart, and that you hear his voice telling you how to arrive where you are supposed to be.

Have a blessed weekend, friends.



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