“Get Your Rhythm”

Planting Corn 2016-1

Today was one of those special days to me. A few weeks ago north Louisiana was flooded by rain in many places. Gardens came to a stand still along with other things of life. Some people had already planted some things. Thankfully most people had not; including Daddy. He had broken up the ground and harrowed it before the rain. He has been watching to see when the loose soil was dry enough to get his tractor in without getting stuck. Finally, I got the phone call I had been waiting for. Yesterday Daddy called and said we would plant the corn this morning. Daddy prefers to plant corn by hand instead of with a planter on the tractor, which drops the seed too close together. If the seeds are too close the corn stalks compete for nutrients so that the harvest is less and the ears won’t fill out as well.

Roy was off today, so we both went to help plant the corn. That was even better. I drove the old truck up to the field, while Daddy drove the tractor. Twelve rows were neatly laid out and ready. With the plow Daddy opened the rows for seed and Roy started behind Daddy with the first row. I got the next one. As I started down the row I could hear in my mind Daddy saying “You have to get your rhythm. Once you get your rhythm there’s nothing to it.” It took me a few minutes to slip back into that rhythm with two seeds dropped per step, but I found it again and it felt so good. Dropping the seeds at the correct spacing was easier with a rhythm.

Planting Corn 2016-7

I couldn’t help but think isn’t that so like life? When I accomplish the least in my life is when I have no rhythm to my daily life. I’ve fallen out of step with how my routine should be for me to be the most productive. I’ve sometimes fallen away from having that morning time with my Heavenly Father; just Him and me. I’ve allowed distractions to capture my attention from what I should be focusing on, and life becomes chaotic. Then I find myself at a stand still until I can gather myself together and place myself back at the feet of Jesus and start again. Thankfully He is full of mercy and grace. He forgives me, picks me up and dusts me off, then sets me back on the path and helps my get my rhythm back again. I am so thankful that He does all that for me since I know I could not do all this on my own without Him.

Have you got your rhythm? If you’ve done like I have so many times, and gotten out of sync, there is hope. Just turn to Jesus and ask His help. He loves you and wants to help you get your rhythm back.

Have a very blessed week, my friends.


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