Back After a Break

Welcome Scan

I have obviously been away from blogging for awhile. A break was much needed for several reasons. The biggest reason has to to with my writing. I am still working on my debut novel and trying to get it ready for pubilication. This past year and a half has been tough as far as keeping consistency. I didn’t realize how much I had come to depend on Mama’s encouragement, questions, and her huge support in my writing on any level. She had a dream of me becoming a published author since at least my high school years. Even when she was very sick the last six months of her life she asked where I was in my book or what was happening in my story when we were together. She was one of my best cheerleaders. Not having her here has been hard sometimes, and I’ve found myself feeling as though I am spinning my wheels at times.

There have been some things I needed to work out, and I am still working on those as I go. God doesn’t always give us a clear view before hand of the path He has for us. I would venture to say that most of the time He does not. Turning my face back to God is something I forget to do sometimes, but He is patient, mercyful, and forgiving. I am thankful for that. If not for that I would be much more discouraged than I have been sometimes.

I am not at the place I thought I would be at this time this year, but I am further than I was this time last year, or even earlier this year. God has revealed different facets of Himself that I had not seen before. I continue to see His beauty displayed in new ways; new colors if you will. Trusting Him to lead me in His time, I will write as God leads and I know that when the time is right my book will be published. The main thing is for the message of His legacy of love, grace, mercy, power, and faithfulness be carried on through what I write. That above all else should be at the center of my books, because it’s what He asked of me.

Thank you all for your support during this time. I pray that you have a blessed rest of the week, and know that God loves you.


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