Droppin’ Taters


Because I had been sick, I recently missed doing one of my favorite things. Daddy called and asked if I would be up to helping drop potatoes one Saturday morning or afternoon. Well, of course, I wanted to say, “Yes!” I’d been waiting for this since I knew it’s about that time again and didn’t want to miss out on this – or any other reason to be in the garden with Daddy. The garden has long been a special place for me. I have a lot of great memories of being in the garden and love any opportunity to make some more of those memories to cherish.

We’ve had some laughs when “droppin’ taters.” The pieces of potato are from potatoes that have eyes that have sprouted. The potatoes can be cut into several pieces as long as each piece has at least one sprouted eye. Daddy opens up the rows with one plow under the tractor belly and.I go behind him and drop each piece about 8″ or 10″ apart. Then Daddy will knock that plow over a little so he can add another plow. These two plow heads will be on each side of the row and will turn the soil over the potato pieces and cover them as he plows down each row again.

Last year the wind was blowing in small gusts. Neither of us minded, except for me when it came to actually dropping the potato pieces. For some reason, the gusts caught my pieces on the way down and took them away from the row more than Daddy’s. As much as I tried to keep up, I almost always managed to be behind. We just laughed as I stooped over and moved the pieces into the row if I couldn’t get it in with my foot. Thankfully I did drop more of them into the row than out of the row, even if I did have to bend over so my hand would be closer to the ground sometimes or just wait for the gusts to pass. I’m sure someone could have made a funny video of my part of droppin’ taters.

Sometimes the gusts of wind in life can blow things away from where we intended. That’s called life. As irritating as it can be. It’s great if you have a friend or family member to help you see the lighter side of it or learn from it or both. Sometimes those little-unexpected interferences can also make a precious memory to hold on to and treasure.

Whatever we do in life, it’s good if we can find the joy in it and keep our sense of humor when it’s possible. I don’t always, but when I do I find it really does make the work go better and makes it more enjoyable. Do something you enjoy today. It may be reading, visiting a friend, or a hobby of yours. I hope you can find time to do something you love. You can take some time out for others, or for yourself. However you spend your time, make some good memories of today.

Have a blessed day, friends.


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