Looking Forward in This New Year

I have been largely absent from my blog for much of the past year. I had honestly thought I would be more faithful in posting and apologize for being absent without explanation. This past year has been tough after my brother, Joey passed away. He was a big part of my life, and still is in my heart and thought life. I know that he always will be even though he isn’t here physically.

I am humbled by some of the qualities Joey had in life. Though he would be the first to say he wasn’t perfect, there were things that were very important to him that should be so in all our lives who are Christians. He read the Bible and kept one handy as well as a concordance. When he or someone he was talking to had a question he didn’t have a ready answer to that aligned with God’s Word, he looked it up. Joey told me that he loved the times when his children would ask questions that they could talk about at length and look up in the Bible finding answers. He and I had many visits when we talked at long length about something and after we had “chewed” on that one till we felt it was digestible, it usually led to another life or spiritual subject. Joey and I both treasured those visits.

He also made it a point to eventually ask each new person who came to his home how they stood with God; did they know Him, did they know where they would go when they were to pass from this earth. Joey told me one time that he would carefully try to listen for the opportunity to ask them those questions because it was important to him for them to know the answer to those questions. He wouldn’t pressure them, but he couldn’t stand to not know that he had done all he could to help someone know God.

After Joey passed from this part of his life to the rest of it in Heaven his grown children told us that one of the things they remembered that meant a lot to them was what he said to them at night. He said, “Good night, I love you, sweet dreams, and don’t forget to pray.” This meant so much to his kids and they continue it with their own kids. I want to have these qualities active in my own life more; pointing others to God’s love for them, explaining how to know Him, talking with others about those things that really matter, and continuing to keep alive those special things with our kids.

I  have had several health issues this past year that I finally realized stemmed from grief over Joey’s passing, and I’ve been seeking help in processing it better, and conquering those health issues. One of my intentions for this new year is to focus on my health in spirit, soul, and body. I also plan to be more faithful and set a more achievable goal with posts. I will do my best to post at least once or twice a month. Your prayers would be appreciated as I do my best this year to follow Jesus’ teaching and leading as I start this year fresh, and I will keep all of you in my prayers.

Have a very blessed 2020, friends.


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