Blessings Like Rain

I've never lived in an arid environment. Louisiana has always been my home; more specifically, north Louisiana. We have humidity all year long. In the winter that humidity makes the cool or cold air feel intensely colder than it really is. Naturally in the summer the humidity makes the hot temperatures feel like the inside … Continue reading Blessings Like Rain

Scars, Fruit, and What Happens In The Process

I’m continuing part of the subject of my last post. Mostly the part about pears. We were getting a picture of the pears in the old bushel basket, first turning the top pears over if they had a scar or bruise on them. Later when I was talking to Mama and Daddy about it, she … Continue reading Scars, Fruit, and What Happens In The Process

Muscadine (or Scuppernong) Bread

Ingredients: ½ c. butter                                                       ½ c pecans (optional) 1 c sugar                                                          2 c all-purpose flour 2 eggs                                                               1 ½ tsp baking powder ½ c milk Muscadine Sauce (make this first so it will cool) Muscadine Sauce: ½ c. seeded muscadine pulp and juice About 1/2 c. muscadine hulls 1 Tbsp sugar Make this before the … Continue reading Muscadine (or Scuppernong) Bread