Blessings Like Rain

I’ve never lived in an arid environment. Louisiana has always been my home; more specifically, north Louisiana. We have humidity all year long. In the winter that humidity makes the cool or cold air feel intensely colder than it really is. Naturally in the summer the humidity makes the hot temperatures feel like the inside of an oven. I’ve passed by a hay field with cut hay laying out in the hot sun to dry before it’s baled, and it smelled like fresh baked bread just out of the oven. Smells wonderful.

When the rains come often enough the vegetable gardens grow well. The vines and stalks have a lot of blooms and there is the promise of a great harvest. Sometimes we don’t have enough rain and the plants grow limp and tired. When this happens long enough the young fruit or vegetables begin to fall off prematurely. We watch the sky and listen to the weather report hoping for a promise of rain that will produce that cool refreshment that can revive us as well as the produce.

That rain becomes such a blessing at those times. I love hearing the rain come through the woods and the field by our home like a curtain of refreshment. It is very much appreciated and hope rises again. I try to remember to thank God immediately. I know in His wisdom he sends the rain in its time. Whether we get the rain when we ask for it or not, His blessing of refreshment will come in its due time.

It’s the same with His blessings in our daily lives. Sometimes it’s a big blessing that we can’t possibly miss as coming from God. Other times He sends smaller blessings that we miss in our busyness of life. I wonder how many blessings I have missed and not acknowledged as coming from Him, and not thanked Him. We count on God’s blessing being right on time; whether it’s literal rain or some other blessing He gives us. We serve such a generous God. I hope you know Him and have a relationship with Him. He knows you, and wants to bless you. He wants you to know Him. If we are watchful today I am sure you will notice a blessing just for you. As you go about living your life today I challenge you to be watchful for blessings. I think you’ll be surprised at what you see and how many good things there are all around you. I know am when I slow down and purposefully notice.

Have a blessed week, friend.


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