God Has A Plan Before We Know We Need One:

There was a particular situation that had recently happened when I wrote the last blog. It was one of those things that came completely out of the blue. I had told my 20 year old daughter that I was going into town to mail something from the post office. After parking the car just out front, I went into the post office and took care of my business with no problems. When I got back in the car, I happened to notice a sweet lady friend of our family had just gone inside, also. It would have been nice to be able to speak to her and give her a hug. Being in a hurry, I shut my car door and turned the key. Nothing. I sit and think this can’t be happening. When I try several more times, I still get nothing; no response from the car at all! I’m praying, and the motor still isn’t responding. I think maybe I should go inside and find Mrs. Loma before she leaves. I try the motor again. About this time she comes out, and I know my chance for help and maybe a ride home is leaving. I get out and go over and we visit after hugs, and as she is about to leave, I tell her about my problem with the car and ask if she would mind driving me home. She says, of course she will, and we enjoy catching up on one another’s families. (She goes to church with my parents, and I grew up with her daughters.) I told her that I felt like she was my answer to prayer before I ever asked for it this morning. She agreed that God definitely had a plan in her being there when I needed someone.

I don’t always give God praise right in a circumstance when I should. I should ask why not? It’s a fair question. He has never let me down. God has always taken care of my needs and a lot of my wants. For this round of car trouble, I had a ride home with a friend, the car cranked later for the service man which saved us a towing charge, my husband was able to pick up an expensive part himself that we needed at a great discount, and we were able to get all our keys reprogramed for the car. All of this was done for several hundred dollars less than we were first told. Praise God; He did all that! I thank Him that He is prepared even when I am not, and that He does always know happening in my life, and what is best. I intend to be more watchful for God’s blessings, whatever they may be. I want to be more blessing-minded and ready with praise for He who is my All in all. Until next time, and always, be blessed my friend.


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