Simple Things; Biggest Smiles

I had a simple pleasure today with my husband, Roy, and his Mom. We were running errands together since she had a tire that needed replacing, and Roy is off this week. She banks where our son works, so we all went in with her to do some bank business. It was a great surprise for all of us, and Jonathan got a short break to visit a minute while we were there. One of his co-workers offered us some ice cream cups. You know the kind; it is in a little cardboard cup with a cardboard lid that you pull off, and you eat with a little wooden spoon. When I pulled the lid off mine a huge smile spread across my face. It brought back so many sweet memories of my childhood. We sometimes had these for dessert in elementary school, and once in a while we would trade returnable “coke” bottles for a enough to buy ice cream cups. Wherever we got them from, and wherever we were, our world stopped the moment we opened them and dipped that wooded spoon in. Everything else might well have stopped for all we knew. We enjoyed our ice cream, and talked about whatever came to mind. Today, Roy, his Mom, and I sat in the bank enjoying the free ice cream the bank gave us after we had visited with Jonathan and shared hugs all around. We didn’t talk about much other than memories of bygone days of sitting and eating ice cream cups. The next time I have one or see one, I’ll have another couple of sweet memories to bring that big smile to my face. Isn’t it funny when it seems that the simpler things in life seem to bring the biggest smiles to us? There is much value in enjoying the less complicated things of life. I, for one, would like to be very rich in that area of my life. I hope you are very blessed in simple, sweet memories in your heart. Be blessed, my friends.


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