Decorating for Christmas

It’s that time, again. For Christians, this is the special time we take to focus on the birth of Jesus Christ, the one and only begotten Son of God. Our churches usually hold some sort of Christmas program focused on Jesus. A lot of us have a more charitable heart toward those who don’t have things they need, like food, clothes, gifts for children who would not get any, money donations to charities who minister to families in need; and the list goes on. The season seems to invite feelings, thoughts, and actions of good will.

For most of us our homes are decked out to the detail. Our family lives in the woods, literally, so we don’t put up lights outside. I make up for it inside the house. Our stone fireplace has a wide pine mantle that I enjoy decorating differently for the seasons. I tend to decorate by the season so that we can enjoy my hard work long enough to justify my careful planning and hard work. It may take me a few days to finish the mantle, but I’m happy with it when I finish. We have an absolutely gorgeous new nativity that my Mama gave to me this past summer. It is now the center of attention on top of our entertainment center. I have a smaller childlike version that usually takes that spot, but I will place it in another place instead this year. I use a lot of garlands wherever I can. There is a box in my closet which holds old Christmas cards that I don’t intend to part with. We have some cards from friends and family who are still living, and cards from my, and Roy’s, late grandparents. I pin these on a ribbon that I have attached to the door facings. My Mama started this when I was a child. She said one time that doing this made it seem like a good way to remember friends and family.

I put out some decorations that I refer to as “winter” decorations, so that I can enjoy them longer after all that hard work of putting them up. I always keep in mind the One, Jesus, who is the reason I celebrate Christmas at all. I love seeing all of the Christmas decorations in the stores. They are beautiful. A few years ago, I realized that I have bought into the commercial element of the Christmas environment. Please don’t misunderstand; I’m not saying that I’m against buying gifts for one another. I don’t feel that way at all. I love to bless my friends and family with gifts. But I do want to be careful about allowing that part to overpower my focus on Jesus. I know He wasn’t really born in December, but he was born. He was born with a plan for me; and all of you. I don’t want to spend my Christmas time steeped in commercialism. I’ll buy gifts, but it will be to bless those I buy for in the love Jesus has filled my heart with. When I see the decorations in the store, or in our home, I want to be so in tune with Jesus that I think of Him, and praise Him again for coming to this earth for me; and for you.

I hope this Christmas season is a wonderful one this year, and that you feel Jesus’ presence all around. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas, and maybe even donate money, gifts, clothes, or time to someone in need. You won’t regret it, and you’ll probably put a big smile on Jesus’ face.

Be blessed, my friends.


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