The Deep Breath of Satisfaction

I finally got some of my Christmas decorating done. This is a process for me. I take my time and think it through, and maybe even change it around. I may add to, or take away from what I have put out. Bringing in nature items from outside is one way I love to decorate. Being an outdoors person, and I love using pine cones of different sizes, hickory nuts, sweet gum balls, pecans, chestnuts, etc. I also love working old things into decorating, especially if there is a special memory attached. Old looking crocks, books, baskets, stone containers, milk bottles, and such things are also favorites. Baskets, candles of different sizes, and tins are more things I can work in any time of the year.

I can say I am finally done with our fireplace mantle for this season. I used the mantle scarf Mama gave me, a nice pine garland, a string of wooden cranberries, single red poinsettias, five large tall vanilla candles for the Advent, and two ceramic pieces that represent the hope before Jesus’ birth and then the church representing His body. In the center, I placed a pine wreath decorated to match the mantle. Across the front hang our stockings made a few years ago. It took several days of “fiddling” with it and living with it a day or so until it all came together.

The facing of the doorway into the dining room is where I hang another pine garland, along with special old Christmas cards from family and friends. Mama pinned hers to the outer hem of the living room curtains. I also did that in her old home place where we lived the first 17 years of our marriage. When we moved where we are now, I started attaching a paper ribbon to the door facing and taping the cards to it with double side tape.

The dining table is covered with a Christmas red cloth, with a homemade quilted table runner down the middle. The lamp is the finishing touch, I think. We have two indoor/outdoor cats, and one indoor cat, so the cloth won’t stay on the table. It will be used when needed, but our cats would enjoy it too much for me to trust them with it and leave it out. I know, because I made that mistake before.

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season. Pacing oneself is so important in order to really have a fair chance to enjoy it. I pray you have a very blessed season, and that you have a joyful, peaceful Christmas.

Be blessed, my friends.


8 thoughts on “The Deep Breath of Satisfaction

    1. Thank you, Carole! I’m going to change the picture of the mantle. I didn’t realize until today that the one I posted was the blurry one. I have a much better one. I’m still learning. 🙂 You and yours have a Merry Christmas, too!


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