School Days!

It’s so hard to realize that it’s time for school to start again! At different dates over the next few weeks preschools through colleges will begin classes again. My children are grown now pursuing careers in their chosen fields of study. In my son’s case, he is a graphic designer; my daughter is a writer. I don’t get to shop with them for new school supplies anymore. We home schooled, so when it was time for supply shopping and there was something that was sold out that we needed, I could arbitrarily modify the requirements and make something else work just as well; or come back later.

I still love shopping for school supplies. My list is very small compared to some. I buy myself a couple of sets of different colored ink pens, a new year planner, and a ream or two of ink jet paper. Oh, I almost forgot one of the most important supplies; dark chocolate candy for creativity. I might even decide to include a different tea for something new to sit and sip while I spin those lines for the books I am writing.

Of course there are always “text books” that apply to any kind of learning. Right now, my texts are as follows: my New American Standard Version Bible to get my day started right; “No Plot, No Problem,” by Chris Baty, which is “a low-stress, high-velocity guide to writing a novel in 30 days;” and “Searching: A Research Guide for Writers,” which is published through Writer’s Institute Publications. I’m also reading Judy Christy’s book, “Hurry Less, Worry Less,” in hopes of managing my time better. I also need to take a break from actual studying and writing and doing household chores, so I keep an Inspirational Historic Fiction novel on hand. I just got finished with “Good Knight,” by Sarah Woodbury which is set in Medieval England and Scotland.

Being a professional perpetual student would be a very good field of study for me, but since that costs money and I need money coming in for the work I do, I’ll just contain myself and focus my energy on putting words to paper to be published. I’m not in this just for the money, mind you; I write whatever God lays on my heart that has a message to help someone, or to just make them laugh, make them feel warm and fuzzy. I guess you could say that writing has become both a school of study, and an outlet for me. You can pray for me that I would do whatever God asks me to with my writing, and that I don’t allow this to take control of my life in a way that would be unbalanced. I thank God for giving writing to me; and now I think I’m ready for the new “school year” for me. I hope you have a great year, whether you are in school of sorts, or not.

Have a blessed week everyone!


2 thoughts on “School Days!

  1. I understand that when you reach 65, you can go to Tech free of charge and take different courses. Since you are a “professional student”, you have something to look forward to.


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