I have been incredibly blessed yesterday. I almost have no words for it – almost; I am a writer. I lost my wallet earlier. God protected it. It was so hot yesterday, and when you’re in town the heat just radiates off the concrete and asphalt magnifying the heat several degrees more. I was tired from shopping in the store, and just wanted to get home. I put my buggy (shopping cart) away and got in my steaming hot truck. After I got some gas I was glad just to be headed home.

When I got home and was gathering the things in the truck to take inside, I noticed that my billfold was nowhere to be seen. I looked everywhere, including placed that didn’t make sense. When I got inside the house I was in a panic by then. I clearly remembered taking my billfold out of my heavy purse before I went in the store, and having it when I paid at the checkout. The last time I remembered for sure having it was when I pushed the buggy outside. I felt like my heart stopped. I didn’t even want to think I may have left it in the buggy.

I called Roy and told him. I was so worked up, and he was very patient trying to keep me from being more upset. After I got off the phone, I called the store. They asked the cashier, who remembered me, and she remembered me walking off with it. It hadn’t been turned in anywhere there. They even looked where I parked the buggy, and it wasn’t there. I was told I could come the next morning and they would roll the security tapes so we could see if we could find out what I did with it. I called the credit card company and put a freeze on it.

The whole time I prayed over the whole matter. I was in despair, but I was trying to trust that God would protect our private information and credit. I sensed Him telling me that all I had to do was ask Him to protect it; and also didn’t I trust that He would keep His Word which says that all I have to do is ask, and believe. So I kept believing, and then feeling “fear” trying to take over again. This cycle was vicious. Then I noticed the answering machine light blinking. I was prepared as I listened, to delete the two new messages since I thought they were probably not important. Then I heard this lady saying what her name was and that she had my billfold, and that I could stop worrying about it!!! She left her phone number so I could call her.

I cannot possible tell you the unbelievable joy that consumed me! I called her, and she was so sweet. We figure with the timing of when she called me that she must have been almost right behind me. When she tried to put her buggy away it wouldn’t go all the way, so she went over and looked to see what was stopping it. It was my billfold! She picked it up and thought about taking it inside, but she felt that she shouldn’t and took it home to her mother’s. She looked inside just enough to see our phone numbers. My husband’s went to voice mail, so she called me. I was so glad to hear she had it and had taken it home with her. I felt she did the right thing in this case for some reason.

She had had some money come up missing in this same store that same day, and didn’t want to take a risk of my billfold coming up missing, too. When my son drove me to her house, I must have hugged her three or four times. The more we talked, the more I knew that God was in control the whole time, even as to who it was who found my billfold. God is so inscribable and amazing! I just don’t have words for how awesome and loving God is. I can’t say how thankful I am for Who He is, and that He loves me and cares about all areas of my life. This is one of those times when I feel humbled beyond words by the display of God’s love and faithfulness on my behalf.

Have a truly blessed weekend; and life.


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