Fall, the Cold, and a Fire

I’m just sitting here enjoying my hot chai latte, looking at the cold logs in the fireplace, trying to visualize a real and cozy fire……  Let’s see, the firewood is outside on the rack. The kindling, lighter, and such are in the kindling box. The only thing that’s missing is the fire. It’s very cool outside. It’s very cool inside. The thing that would really warm me up is the fire. Problem; I’ve apparently lost my skill at fire building. We don’t build fire in the fireplace too close to when we go to bed, and my husband goes to bed early since he has to get up early. So I will enjoy my hot chai latte while looking at the cold logs AND while wrapped in my snuggle blanket I got for Christmas last year. I’ll just admire the fireplace mantle from where I’m sitting.

I’ve begun “the changing of the mantle decorations.” One of the things I wanted for so long is a wide enough mantle to really decorate with the kinds of things I want to use for that. God blessed us with one when He arranged for us to have this home we now live in. I try to bring in a little of whatever season is outside, and combine that with a few things from inside that I can work into “the look” that appeals to me at the time. Since it’s the season of Fall outside, I have some little pumpkins, a garland of colored leaves, a flat iron, an old metal music box, large vanilla candles, and two really old looking souvenir family pictures from vacations. In the very center of the display, I placed a kerosene lamp on a well anchored crocheted doily. I may make small changes until I’m happy with “the look” of the mantle. But then, that’s another of those things I enjoy doing. I’ll leave it up until just after Thanksgiving, and then it will be time for “the changing of the mantle decorations” again.

Well, now that my chai latte is cold, I think I’ll go heat up what’s left of it, drink that, and head to bed myself. Tomorrow, I’m going to dig out that thing our son left here that steams milk. I’d love to have an Irish Crème Steamer tomorrow night. I think hot drinks are some of the best things about cooler weather. Along with reading a good book, or watching a good movie, and watching the leaves turn colors and fall, of course.

Have a beautifully blessed day, friends.



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