One Of Those Things I Cherish

I got some more of that news that just “tickles me pink,” as the saying goes. On one of those calls just to visit on the phone with my parents, I asked if there were any pears. Daddy had said before that there weren’t going to be as many pears this Fall. So I thought if I could just get a few to eat on, that would be good. But Daddy said I could have more than that. I went up to visit them for a while one afternoon this week, and he asked me how many did I want. I told him that I really didn’t have an amount in mind; I just would like some pears. He said, “Well, you can have how many you want. There’s a bushel out there, and you can have them all.” I was excited! I didn’t want to be greedy, but if I took the whole bushel, I could make pear preserves enough to share around in the family. Mama and Daddy weren’t planning on making preserves this year, and neither is my brother, and it would be a huge shame in my opinion if someone didn’t get them. Before I said anything else, Daddy said that I could have the whole bushel if I wanted it. So guess what I’m going to be doing very soon! This week!!! I can just taste those preserves on hot biscuits. Mama made a Pear Frittata (or something great like that), and I would like to try that. I think pears might make a great pastry like the Scuppernong Pastry, but with pears inside. Then there is always eating them without cooking them. The possibilities are endless!

I appreciate so much this kind of gift from my parents, or anyone else. Gifts like these brings back great memories, makes new memories, and tastes great, of course. Things like this make me feel rich. I wouldn’t trade the memories or time making great healthy treats for anything. I have a full day tomorrow, but hopefully I can devote a chunk of the first of the week to this, and have some fresh pear preserves ready for  homemade biscuits, and some to deliver to my family members that I love so much.

I hope you can spend some time soon doing something you really cherish, and maybe share some time with your extended family or friends you don’t see often.

Have a very blessed week, friends.


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