Out of Pocket

I have had a lot of “irons in the fire,” so I’ve been out of pocket lately. I won’t go into all of it, but some of it has to do with my writing, and some does not. There will be some changes in my blog in the future, but all of that is not finalized just yet. I may have a couple more posts on here before the changes are made, but that’s not for sure either.

Please be patient with me as I have two books finished and still in different stages of editing. I am also working of getting the cover art plans finished on those. The books are, “A Sailor’s Legacy,” a Christian Historical Fiction, and, “Our Morning Glory,” a Christian Non-Fiction book. Also at this time, Jonny Pye Design is creating the illustrations and cover art for my first children’s book. It will be two books in one. When one story is read, it will end in the middle of the book. Then the book can be closed and flipped over to to read the other story in like manner. Those two stories are, “A Day With My Best Friend,” and “My Friend, Sundance.”

This is a new step in my adventures of life. Just hang in there with me. I think it will continue to be a fun ride.

Have a blessed week, friends.


2 thoughts on “Out of Pocket

  1. Cindy, please let us know when your books are published . I want to buy them for my great grandkids. I know they will be wonderful. I love to read your blogs.
    Love Mary


    1. I will Mrs Mary. Thank you! My illustrator, Jonny Pye, has the scenes for the pages created, and is working on those characters for this first book. It’s been fun working with him on this. I have some stories I may send in to children’s magazines, but I have a few that I just think would make a better book. 🙂
      Thank you so much for your support, and for reading my blog! I appreciate it.


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