Bringing You Up to Date

I have been gone longer than I intended. The time away was spent regrouping, filling in some places in my novel manuscript that I felt were lacking on “color.” Soul searching and recharging have been important, also. In the meantime, as the old saying goes, “life happens.” Our family has had plenty of “life” happening this summer as we learned again how to live life one day at a time. We were reminded be so grateful for each moment we can share with loved ones, and mostly for Jesus, our Lord and Savior who brought us through some health issues this summer with His strength and wisdom.

My web site has been put through changes that are a lot like metamorphosis. We changed some things I didn’t like about the way my blog functions to make it more user friendly. The different pages are set up in a fresh way, I believe. I will still have the original blog posts, along with some newer things that weren’t there before. Some things simply aren’t presented in the same manner as before. I hope you enjoy the various pages, and that it becomes a favorite place to come to just relax, smile, or even laugh a little.

Now, for what is going on right now. When the family garden started “coming in;” or ripening, we had yellow squash and zucchini to eat fresh. We also froze, and pickled some yellow squash. The tomatoes came in a steady stream. We eat those fresh, and I make sweet tomato relish and can that in mason jars. As the squash was “going out,” or drying up, the peas were then ready. The sweet corn was ready in the next couple of weeks. As Daddy said, we had enough for the family as well as the coons and squirrels that insisted on getting theirs. We cream most of the corn, but leave some on the cobs and freeze all that. I have started saving some of the best and prettiest ears for grilling inside the shucks. Before the all the tomatoes are gone, we take some of the green ones that are still firm and preferably not scarred and make green tomato pickles and can that. I know I feel so rich for all the fresh food we get from the family garden. I look forward to eating it, but I enjoy every step of helping in the family garden all the way to preserving the food, too. One of the things that I plan to have more of on this blog is recipes of the foods from our garden along with a little history behind the food or recipe. Even though this isn’t a food site, I enjoy sharing recipes anytime.

It’s so easy to feel the closeness of God, our Provider and Sustainer during the gardening time of the year. I hope you have something that you really enjoy, and that recharges you and grounds you the way gardening does me. I also hope you had a great summer, and that your fall is going very well.

Have a very blessed week, friends.


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