New Experiences Bring Adventure

Here it is, the eve of NaNoWriMo Camp  April 2015. It is a month long virtual camp for writers to work on new projects or ones they have already begun. We are placed in “cabins” with other participating writers by age group, genre, or other choices we make. For this camp my genre is Historical since they don’t offer Christian Historical Fiction, which is what I write. We “cabin mates” can communicate within our own private chat room of twelve writers, bouncing ideas, sharing research resources, and cheering one another on during the month.

Sometime before the eve of this or any other writing event, there is a certain amount of preparation as with anything else. If it is called for now is when research should be done as much as possible. My mind is in constant motion right now. Priorities have to be set. There are several things to consider, and put in order. Keeping them in order is more of a challenge.

I have my “NaNo” shopping done. My pens are ready to write with on the sticky note pads  and notebooks I have. Using stickies along with the notebook helps when an idea, problem, or question pops into my mind while I’m writing; especially during a writing sprint. I can save that idea quickly and come back to it later. When I have that issue resolved I place a check mark on it, and stick that note in the upper right corner of the first page of notes for that novel in the notebook. If I need to look back at it for reference I know just where it is. That works better for me than depending on recalling it later.

Writers have their own personal ideas what makes good snacks for writing. Personally, I like to have dark chocolate to stimulate creative brain waves, since that is a proven fact and I want all the help I can get. I also like to keep protein snacks such as string cheese, peanut butter and Ritz crackers, walnuts, and almonds. I keep plenty of bottled water on hand since it’s so much easier to drink and keep handy. There is a wide range of tea bags for hot tea or cold sweet tea. Some of my favorites are peach, peppermint, chai, vanilla pumpkin, and blueberry teas.

My family does not need to be neglected during this time, so I try to plan meals and treats I can cook without a lot of time involved, and that will be plenty for at least two meals. Some old standbys are chicken enchilada casserole, spaghetti (tomato base or cheesy), lasagna with the no-cook noodles, or crock pot roast beef with carrots and potatoes. We have plenty of fresh vegetables and several dressings for salads. Treats can be homemade ginger snaps, pound cake, snicker doodles, and peach cobbler. These are things I can cook without standing at the stove for long at a time at all.

My list is full of check marks except for making sure we have all the ingredients to make the things that will be easiest to cook. As time winds down I am closer to ready, and I will be on THE DAY. This is the first time I have participated in a virtual writing camp, so it is definitely an adventure to me. My daughter has done this before, so she is my assistant guide and adviser in this camp. God will always be my first guide and adviser in all things. Thankfully God has seen fit to give me a husband who is very patient with me in taking time to do this, as well as very supportive in my writing.

Have a blessed day, friends.


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