Can you just imagine?! What it must have been like on that first Resurrection morning to see what had happened in the spirit world! Before the discovery was even made on Earth, all Hell feared and trembled, while all Heaven rejoiced because the angels and demons had witnessed, and they knew what had truly happened! They knew that the Perfect Sacrifice had been made, and that the Lamb of God had been offered up and had been accepted. This completed the atonement for man’s sin. They knew that now and forevermore Satan had lost the victory over our souls – Hallelujah! Jesus had risen from the dead in mighty triumph and won the victory for our souls – Hallelujah! He made the way possible for man, if he would, to simply admit that he is a sinner who needs Jesus’ forgiveness, confess who Jesus Is, and accept His Salvation in order to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Praise the Holy One, Jesus!

Easter is my other favorite holiday of the year since I was a child. There were the attractions that catch a child’s attention that I loved, but even when my brother and I was young Mama and Daddy emphasized the importance of Easter and why our family celebrated it. I didn’t understand it all then, and I am still learning. But I grew in my understanding each year. We attended church regularly on Sundays for Sunday School and Church service right after, and Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nights. There were also missions for age groups that we were active in at any given time in a week. The church building was just one of the places and environments we learned about Jesus, His love, and how we were supposed to try to be like Him in our lives as well as how we treated others. As I said, I am still learning about these things.

This is one of many a time of reevaluating my life, the state of my heart, and my relationship with Jesus. Easter is a natural “all things new” time of year to me. Everything around me seems to be yelling about new life. The trees budding and “greening,” and the different shrubs and flowers blooming seem to be praising God for sending His Son, Jesus, for us. They also seem to be an encouragement not to lose hope to those of us who have just come out of winter. We have all just come through a seasonal winter, and some of us have come through a winter of the soul or spirit. We need spring; new life. Jesus is that new life we all need.


I hope you know Jesus personally as I do, as your Lord and Savior. If you don’t, Jesus made it really easy. He wanted it to be easy so that even a child could be capable of talking to Jesus and inviting Him in to be Lord and Savior over his or her spirit. We have all sinned and fallen short of being perfect. If we admit it to Jesus, believe that He really is the Son of the only true living God, and confess this to Him and to others, He is faithful to save us from our sins. Jesus will help you to learn more about what this means as you learn more about Him. One of the best ways to do this is to read God’s Word, the Holy Bible. It tells all we need to know about Jesus, and how He can help us in everyday life. There is more detail on this on under the FUN button in, “How to Ask Jesus Into to be Your Personal Lord and Savior.” I would be happy to talk with you about it. Becoming a Christian, a born again child of God will not make you perfect, but it will make you better able to live a life more like Jesus did, which was perfect. It also means that since Jesus is living in your heart after your invitation, He is there to help you through life. I don’t have all the answers by far, but I can tell you what I do know, and I would always be happy to pray for you or with you.

I hope you are having a most blessed Easter weekend.


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