A New Year

2016 Resolutions Blog


This past year has been such a paradox in so many ways. It has seemed to rush by in a blur while at the same time I felt I was in slow motion like a slug. I knew some of the darkest, hurtful, and sad days ever; and some of the brightest, healing, and joyful days, too. Sometimes, some things were so unsure, but I was always very secure in my knowledge that Jesus held me close and He knew it all. The security in that alone was worth it all.

In some ways it feels like I haven’t accomplished much of anything at all this year. But in other ways I have accomplished in leaps and bounds. During Mama’s last days on this earth, with her encouragement I was able to research more and write more on my second novel manuscript so that I could shelve it while completing the rest of my rough draft for my first novel in the Legacy series. Then in November during National Novel Writing Month God gave me most of the rough draft for novel three in this series. Placing that “on the shelf” so to speak, I have committed to finish the second self-edit on that first novel, The Sailor’s Legacy.

The only way I could attend the Christian Writer’s Conference in east Texas this year was for God to make it happen. He did. I attended and met more local writers who I will be in closer contact with this year. I knew that if God wanted me at that conference He is well able to have me there. Not only did He send me as well as my daughter to the conference, but we had free room and board by staying with my husband’s brother and his wife! The blessings were great that fell that weekend through this part of my family and the conference. God is very good; all the time.

I also made myself learn how to create a new page within this website! Technological  challenge is something I deal with everyday in our time. I prayed about it, and then followed instructions step and step and did it! My daughter had done all the hard part by creating the website and setting all of it up for me, of course. I did feel a little less disadvantaged after this accomplishment, though. As soon as I cook some of the homegrown recipes I have, I will begin building that new page and sharing recipes with you.

Now, here we are at the beginning of 2016. I have an excitement that I believe God has placed in my spirit. It seems He has been speaking to my heart for days now about the coming year, and I can hardly wait for what God has in store! I stand ready for His blessing to rain down, and to have the courage to do all He asks me to. I want to step into whatever it is that God has for me in 2016. The word “new” seems to permeate my spirit when I meditate on the message God has for me while beginning and living out this coming year. Still meditating on that, I know God will teach me what the significance of that word is for me right now; this coming year. I have prayerfully begun to set some goals to work for and focus on, and would like to share what I have so far.

Private time with God to begin my day is above all. I will start my day with prayer, studying the Bible where God leads me to start, and spend some time listening to Him as well. My sweet brother has a new excitement, too, and we have agreed together to read, compare, and share what we hear from God’s word as we study it. A new close friend and I have agreed to do a devotional together. This will probably be a little different from doing an actual Bible study together, and I look forward to doing this with her. This is going to be a rich year in God; rich in His love, His very presence, hope, faith, hopefully knowledge and wisdom of Him, and so many other things.

Spending time with my family members still here on this earth, being available to them as needed, and valuing as well as treasuring them and the time we have left together. This past two years has taught me well that we truly don’t know how much time any of us have here, and we need to treasure what time we do have together and nurture those relationships. Make some memories.

Being a perfect house keeper has never been something I accomplish consistently. I want to be more organized and productive about that without making it my first goal over things of more importance. Home making is what I will be focusing on as far as house keeping, and it will be kept in its place without becoming my main focus.

My writing is as much a part of me as breathing, so I will be writing. I have joined a writer’s group in which we are placed in small accountability groups if we want. I want. The commitment is to write something in some form everyday; journal, blog, or work on any other writing project. It can be a little or a lot. We can share it with the others, or keep our writing private. I intend to share at least some. I intend to keep my blog entries at least once a week, and work on my manuscripts.

Publishing The Sailor’s Legacy this year is very important to me. I feel it is something God has placed in my heart to accomplish this year. There are a lot more things that go with that process that I am still learning about. Thankfully I have a graphic/web designer son with photography skills, and a daughter who is a writer and great amateur web designer/photography skills. Both are very supportive and help me all they can. This will be important to help me make my goals.

I will probably have small short range goals as I pray and ask God what He wants me to focus on each day. Please don’t be afraid to set goals. You can call them resolutions, or not. When you have a goal of some kind you at least have something to reach for. If you don’t quite achieve the goal, look at what you did accomplish. If you didn’t get anything physical done, you probably at least thought about it more that you would have. That’s progress. Start with something small and set yourself up for success. Pray and ask God for his guidance. He wants to help us.  I pray this coming year will be a year of blessing for all of our family and friends, as well and you and yours.  Thank you for your support by reading my blog, and please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a very blessed coming year, friends!


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