The First Thanksgiving

That first year without a loved one is tough. Everyday is different with them not in your daily life, or at least where you could call them or go visit with them; share a laugh, a hug, all those things about when they were still here. Any birthday, anniversary, or holiday makes it even harder getting through life knowing you can’t see them anymore for now.

This was my family’s first Thanksgiving without Mama here. We were a little disoriented, I think. Holidays  and any other significant days were Mama’s favorite things to celebrate. We realize even more now how much she was the backbone of any celebration we had as a family. I put a lot of thought into how to celebrate Thanksgiving this time. Some of us were not up to having a really big celebration like we usually do; myself included. For our little family, Roy, our son, and daughter, and me, we decided to have a small meal here at the house along with Daddy and our son’s girlfriend. Roy’s mom wasn’t able to come, so we piled two takeout plates high for her; one for main meal, and one for desserts.

Making sure everyone had some favorites on the table and/or the dessert bar was fun and easy since it was smaller. We missed the ones not at our table, but we had good conversation, enjoyed being together, and now have some good memories for this first Thanksgiving. A lot of prayer had gone into preparing for this small meal and we felt God’s presence at our meal. Hopefully next year will be easier as each day we adjust to the changes of life we’ve experienced this past year.

Cherish your loved ones. Tell them and show them you love them while you and they are still here. Make a lot of great memories and share a lot of laughs, thoughts, and smiles. We already did so before Mama stepped through that veil into Heaven, but those things are much more treasured now than before. Our families’ relationships will change and grow as time passes; for the better with God’s help.

I hope you have a very blessed week!


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