Here I Am Again

Here I Am Again blog post (2)


It’s that time again; that time called National Novel Writing Month. It’s hard to believe that two years have gone by since I first participated in this one-month harried blitz to write a full novel rough draft of at least 50,000 words in just thirty days. This is one of those things that seems in some ways like much more than two years have gone by because so much has been packed into that time. In other ways it seems to have flown by and couldn’t possibly be more than a year for that same reason; so much has happened in those two years.

In November 2013 I wrote the first novel rough draft in my life, called The Sailor’s Legacy. It was over 53,000 words before editing. Mama and I were talking about the content one day at their dining table when she asked if there weren’t enough material for a sequel. She was pretty sure there was, and did a very good job of convincing me. Last year I wrote the rough draft for the sequel called The Legacy Moves On, and stopped at just over 51,000 words. That draft still needs a lot of fleshing out and editing. This month I am writing the second sequel, The Legacy Is Alive, and intend to finish with the required 50,000 words at least. If you are new to my blog, and don’t know about this series, I will fill in a few blanks.

This Legacy series is based loosely on a family legend we dug up when I and a friend were researching my genealogy. The book is about this heir of Irish nobility, who fell in love with a household maid and married her against tradition and his father’s rigid rules of station. They eloped, the son was disinherited, so they had to find a new life and he became a sailor. This couple had one son who also became a sailor before they decided to come to America. Tragedy strikes them just as it does everyone else, but so does abundant blessing. I won’t tell you everything, but since it is my ancestors, you know plenty of them lived and made it to Louisiana. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. God works His own great legacy throughout the whole series, and confirms over and over again His great love, and just how much He cares about our daily lives.

I just got back from a Christian Writer’s Conference this past weekend. I got to participate in eight workshops. The wisdom I gleaned from the great speakers is still slowly seeping into my mind. They taught me,answered my questions, and encouraged me. It was just what I needed to spur me into jumping into National Novel Writing Month. There were also many fellow writers and teachers who had participated in this phenomenal program.

I have an author page on Facebook where I share excerpts when I am writing on a project. If you would like, you can go there and read some from the second book from this summer when I was self editing that one. I hope you will go with me on the journey, and if you are a writer please feel free to share what your project is that you are working on.

Above all, I would ask for your prayers for me and this series. This is a project I believe God asked me to do, and as in all things I just want to honor Him. Please pray I will wait on Him and listen intently to His leading, and that I will hear clearly and obey. Thank you for your prayers, and also for reading this blog.

Have a very blessed week, friends.


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