Been Doin’ Some Thinkin’


Here it is, that time of year again; making those resolutions. Or as some people decide to do, not make any resolutions for the new year. I find that I usually do make some sort of resolution, even if it’s simply to try to do better with the ones I made last year. Trying to be more realistic is my most common one the older I get. In fact, I take more time than I used to spending plenty of thought and prayer on it. For that reason, it’s usually sometime during late January or even February when I settle on my resolutions and goals. I know my patterns, habits, basic abilities, and desires; for the most part. Looking back to see my patterns is not always comfortable, but my habits tend to tell on me anyway.

This year I’ve taken a little more time before I make declarations of any kind. The pretty new planner I bought recently is sitting near waiting patiently for me to write goals and plans on its nice clean empty pages. My daughter inspired me to get a new one and give it another try. In the past I haven’t been faithful in using it after the year is even through the first quarter. This time, she is setting hers up with all her plans and goals to get her organization off to a good start. Since I am such a visual learning person she invited me to see her system once she gets it well underway. We’re both hoping it will help me be more consistent and long suffering with the “task.”

I want to include my housekeeping but intend to focus on scheduling writing this blog and adding recipes on a regular basis, editing my manuscript for my debut novel, “The Sailor’s Legacy,” writing reviews for books I read, researching, reading books about writing, and tweeting. I also want to include genealogy since I have some future books planned based on other limbs of my family tree just as this Legacy series is. For me, scheduling fun time will also be a necessity. I don’t want to forget to do the things that refuel me like, spending time with God and reading the Bible first, then visiting with family and friends, sewing, crochet, outdoor projects, exercise and simply sitting in the glider out back enjoying the view of the wooded hill.

Flexibility will be in the back of my mind daily. Things come up sometimes and I’ve learned to hold things up to God to see which things should be the priority at that time, and to forgive myself if I get that wrong. I’m looking forward to a great year of growing and learning, living life to the fullest, and loving to the fullest. I pray you have as blessed a year as I plan to, and I hope some of you will share your ideas and successes.

Have a blessed week, my friends.


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