Possum Grape Promises 5

Don’t you just hate it when a promise made to you has been broken, or you realize you have broken a promise made to someone? I do. I notice the times I realize I have done the breaking of a promise more than when others have. I get so aggravated at myself, and it bothers me that I have hurt someone or disappointed someone by my broken word.

There is a very healthy Possum Grape vine on the fence beside Daddy’s garden. I look at it in the spring to see how many little clusters are on the vine. Last year the vine was loaded, so I made sure I checked it early this spring. It was loaded again. Last year we had a lot of rain; much more than usual, in the spring and then a drought in the summer during the growing season for these grapes. The immature grapes all fell off because of the long drought. This year our area got flooding rains for almost a week. Even though the vine was loaded again this year we got no mature grapes again.

In a way, that’s the way it is with promises we make. I know I have good intentions when I make the promise. My plan is to fulfill that promise in short order. There aren’t any excuses for habitually breaking my word. Once I let it go past the time I said I would do what I say I get discouraged because here I’ve done it again. It makes me mad at myself. I resign myself to do better, and I do. I want my word to mean something; for people be able to count on my promise.


I’m so glad God’s Word does mean something. We can count on His word being kept; always. God will never let us down only to “try” again. “He is not a man that He can lie,” Numbers 23:19. God has never broken His word and never will because “His nature never changes; yesterday, today, and forever,” Hebrews 13:8. I know I can’t be perfect, but I do want to be more like my Heavenly Father. I want to be more like Him and keep my word once I make a promise. One of my personal prayers is that with God’s help I will become more like Him every day, and that I do this on purpose. My witness of Him in my life should reflect Him more and bear much fruit in the process, blessing others by allowing Him to bear His fruit in me to point others to God and His love for us all.

Thankfully I know my Heavenly Father loves me unconditionally, and has patience with me. He also has grace and mercy for me that will cover me. I love my Father, and hope as I go through this life I will reflect His character more than my own human character, whether the Possum Grapes fulfill their promise or not.

Have a very blessed week, my friends.


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